Why do enterprises need a Responsive Website?

by Administrator 12. August 2013 00:02

This is the era of digital interactions. More than 90% of all the media interactions are screen based. A smartphone, tablet, PC/laptop, TV or any other device, we are consuming, creating, and curating content across multiple devices, often at the same time. The amount of time spent by consumers on each of these devices individually varies but the combined time spent in some cases is walloping and is significantly high on an average. This inevitably raises the demand of a significant presence on this space for the enterprises in order to maximize their engagement time with their consumers.


Designing apps or creating digital assets for mobile devices is one part of the solution. All the more important is the vision, an articulation of the overall experience and how customer engagement takes shape in each channel and as a whole. Experts may be able to predict the possible Customer Journey routes taken by the consumers but practically it can be guided with proactive approach. The only way of handling uncertainties is being impulsive and realistic. The same can be applied in customer engagement strategies. The journey map of every customer may be different but if the organizations take up every challenge independently, then logical engagement strategies do work in favor. Responsive Design hence, is one logical part of the strategy.   

Uniform Digital Presence


The modes of multi-screening are mainly of two types:

Sequential Screening

Due to the fluctuating and frequently switching attention spans of the users, it is unlikely that most of the users may complete their browsing and searching tasks at one go. The multi-time tasking behavior of the users may be attributed as the reason for the narrowing attention spans of the consumers. This implies that in spite of grabbing the attention through various trials, the enterprises cannot rest assured that the consumer will consume the intended content. Hence, the enterprises need to think of the quite obvious, inevitably imminent alternative where the consumers will relook at their brand. Hence a uniform digital presence will not interrupt the Customer Journey that began and ensures a smooth flow of brand education.

Simultaneous Screening

Simultaneous screening is very rampant in almost every household. TVs provide push content and anything that draws the attention of the consumers, will feature in a search on any of the other devices, simultaneously. As emphasized by many researchers the context is taking over the content with user experience being attributed as one of the key factors in prolonging the engagement time. The context of browsing and searching when combined with excellent user experience, is bound to give productive results in terms of brand recognition.

Consistent Brand Identity

As simple as it sounds, brand identity is something that the companies spend millions to achieve. With the world going digital, the need for a uniform digital presence is all the more essential and having a consistent digital presence will ensure the most important channel of engagement announces the brand to reach its voice to the consumer.

Call for action

With a responsive website, the call for action and action buttons remain same across multi screens and hence make UI easy. The placement of content, the website information and all that is intended for consumption will remain same across all the platforms with a good user experience.

However small or big an enterprise is, it is bound to fall in the search results of the common internet users at some point in time, and hence across any or all of the mobile devices too, that a user may possess. The need has come for the enterprises to respond with a responsive website to stay with the competition. 


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