The Role of API's for Enterprises to adopt Mobility.

by Administrator 13. July 2013 23:18

A lot of enterprises have added enterprise software step by step and have done over the years and as and when needed.  Most of these software were created in an age where no one thought about mobility and no one had an idea as to how the mobility wave would change the way people consume data and wish to interact with information. The age of 'now' was not thought of when these softwares were being created or adopted. As a result enterprises are now sitting with software that has served them well and is being used widely by all their employees - but they are also now a stumbling block when it comes to adopting mobility. Not only mobile access, these enterprise software also, do not have easy means to talk to one another. 

Enterprises are thinking of mobility and are seeing several of their competitors adopt mobility. How do they go about opening up their enterprise software and connecting all of them to provide access to information on mobile devices? It's here that API's ( ) come to recuse and this is an area where we see a lot of enterprises need help. 

All features provided by the enterprise software could be broken down into small and easily understood API's. The entire software suite could be broken up and thought about as byte sized access to a small subset of information. Each API could provide access to or write back information confined to this small subset of data. It is also possible to write API's that combine information from more than one enterprise software. API's such are these are those one's that could be accessed and used to create light mobile apps. We have to remember that at most times, users only need a small subset of data, for example to approve a Purchase Order (PO), a manager only needs to see information around and pertaining to the PO. 

The first step to adopt mobility should start with thinking about API's. It's amazing to see how much this is ignored and how unaware companies are about API's. On the other hand, it's also heartening to see how some enterprises and even Governments have taken a lead with respect to this. For example, the US ( provides access to a lot of Government data via API's and encourages app developers to create interesting apps with it. Some enterprises have API'ed their entire software, created apps with them and have gone on to host them on their own enterprise app store allowing employees and partners to download and use them. 

At, WINIT, when we talk to our clients, amongst the first thing we ask them is about how ready they are with their API's. If they are not, then we go about giving them a long term view of how critical this aspect is towards adopting mobility. 

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