Mobility trends for 2013

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The global mobile users by the end of 2012 were 6.5 billion approximately and this number is expected to reach 7 billion by end of 2013. The developing countries are still bigger markets for mobile phones with the developed countries now adopting Smartphones. Undoubtedly, the explosion of smartphones adoption in the consumer world has resulted in a revolution in global commerce trends. The enterprises realizing that have taken up several mobile initiatives which have popped up in almost every corner of the business, looking to nether the workforce, engage customers more effectively, and reshape business accordingly.


The evolution of mobile phones from luxury to necessity has been very quick and now they are integral part of life. With the advent of smartphones, the elements of ease and comfort had increased their prominence. This wide spread usage had led to technological up gradations and now, the business processes are taking a shift towards mobile. Mobile innovation is giving new revenue streams for the organizations and is giving them a competitive edge.

Mobile Enabling Business Strategy


Mobile is more than just the latest step function in technology innovation. It is a fast-moving engine that is fundamentally reshaping operating models, business models, and marketplaces. The organizations are either looking at doing things what they have always done by means of a mobile application or devising a completely new approach by innovating business, hoping for an increased productivity. Mobility can certainly increase productivity. The organizations have to connect the dots between the mobile strategy and the business strategy to devise a Mobile Enabled Business Strategy.


It is estimated that globally, the number of people using mobiles to connect to the internet is going to surpass that of PC users. More than half of the smartphone users use them for local searches, quick information and for browsing. The impact of the locally relevant advertising is more on the consumers and they tend to take an action of some form to the location specific advertisements.


By 2015, it is predicted that mobile shopping will account for $163 billion in sales worldwide, 12% of global e-commerce turnover. This emphasizes the growth of M-commerce in the years to come. China is the largest smartphone market in the world with India and Brazil catching up quickly. The global smartphone sales volume in 2012 was over 700 million units. In this time of avid mobile access, the organizations have an opportunity to gain more engagement and share information with the customers. The organizations have become fascinated to change their approach in the context of mobile like more than ever before. What are the organizations cooking up? Is there a change in their ideology or is it the self-explanatory craze for change? The approach they adapt will answer the questions, in the times to come. 


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marry United States
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very nice blog.i am confused about the mobile 2013 trend,now reading after this blog have knowledge for it.thanks


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