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Mobile Sales Force Automation and Business Analytics


Mobile Sales Force Automation solutions are usually deployed by organizations so that the folks on field will have contextual access to the data and the management can in turn have a real-time view of the sales operations. The feature-set, the people involved and the user privileges are organization-specific and on a broader note, industry-specific. However there is commonality in terms of challenges faced by the organizations that have deployed these solutions i.e., lack of business analytics.

Business Analytics play a major part in business and Sales Force Analytics in particular, are even more important as they directly reflect on the organic growth of an organization. But some of the major problems faced by many organizations across the world include, but are not confined to, access to insightful granular analytics. This problem is highly persistent in the organizations that have a huge number of SKUs.  The lack of comprehensive data analytics is leaving the problem half fixed.


Parities and Disparities

Although the technology infrastructure and standard operating procedures may differ between organizations the feature-set and the target operational efficiency are likely to be very similar. The organizations are looking for various means to achieve the benchmark results across various stages in the SCM. Leveraging technology answers what-to-do but the larger question is how-to-do. This is a common conundrum that keeps the cards unturned.


Business Analytics

A set of research activities by global researchers conducted across various geographies suggest that more than 60% of the SFA users are not finding the SFA solutions helpful in decision making. About 70% of the users feel that SFA when coupled with more comprehensive business analytics solutions would provide more value. Furthermore, the ease of use, the crispness of the info-graphics is more desired by the managers who are the key decision makers. The view of granular data in terms of product sales, territorial segmentation of the sales, key demand factors and the information required for the analysis of product demand, planogram releases and other support provision to the sales crew.


Most desirable   

Some of the most desirable analytics are those of Pipeline management and history based forecasts and recommendations that help the sales folks to act and promote the product sales at the face-time. The organizations have to thus look at equipping the sales crew with necessary marketing collateral and systemic automations that will nullify the operational errors and at the same time yield higher productivity. Mobile Sales Force Automation will facilitate the managements to fix the first half of the problem of the field force at the face-time. The second half of the problem which requires the supervisors and the senior management to take decisions based on the performance of the products, sales crew and the sales management overall, can be fixed with a highly intuitive business intelligence tool. The crisp and user-specific analytics when presented to them in real time, the probability of taking the right decisions will significantly increase and at the same time the TAT reduces by a huge margin and can be brought close to zilch.


Hence the most sought after Mobile Sales Force Automation Systems are those that are coupled with BI tools that give a two-pronged solution to the overall problem of end-to-end automation.   


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