Sales Force Engagement by means of a 'Mobile'

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Overview: Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is one of the modern day practices that have become quintessential across the organizations globally. With several changes is the HR policies and the work place environment, the managements have been trying their best to give significant importance to employee satisfaction. A huge set of employee friendly initiatives including flexible timings, work-from-home; vibrant work place environments, recreational activities etc., have been rolled out to keep the employees from getting bored of monotonous workplace life. The whole set of activities differ from one organization to another based on the business lines and the organizational setup. The statistics of the effectiveness of these practices across organizations are diversified but there is a certain significant improvement overall, for all the organizations with employees that work in the workplaces.


Challenges for the Companies with Huge Mobile Work Force

But the challenge still remains, and in a way has been mounting, for all those organizations that have a huge field force, particularly in the FMCG and Retail businesses. Due to the mobile nature of work, there is no formal office setup and workplace environment for the folks, who ironically play the most significant role in the ground level business activities. With the mounting pressure of daily deliverables and the increasing intensity of competition, in a way, the organizations are forced to be unfair with these people. Not only do these people miss the privileges as that of their counterparts in the workplaces but also feel disassociated with the organizations.


Due to being increasingly associated with their touch points in the field that constitute the retailers/customers, distributors and other partners, a major chunk of sales folks are mostly likely to be favorable to the third parties than the organization itself. This likely but evitable phenomenon will often prove to be counter-productive to the organizations that directly rely on the performance of these folks. The feeling of disassociation with the companies and lack of peer-surrounded environment like in standard work place will keep creeping up as long as the organizations counter-act to reduce the magnitude of it.


What should be done?

Communication is all that you have. The only link between the supervisors/ managers and the field sales force is communication through different media like phone, messages and emails, and more often than not, the folks on field will not even see the managers or colleagues. The daily targets, daily status, EoD reporting, feedbacks, performance analysis etc., are all mostly done online or over telephone. Hence the communication pertaining to the functionality is delivered but that pertaining to engagement is missing big time. Hence there arise two most important fragments of communication:


1) Mode of communication

2) Message being communicated.

The organizations need to ensure that the right message is provided at the right time to the right person. Since the mode of communication is non-physical, choose the best mode that can ensure personalized communication, both functional and engagement based. As simple as it may sound the implementation really needs a highly meticulous approach in execution. Considering the penetration of mobile devices and adoption in the consumer market, a Mobile based strategy will fetch most effective results.

Mobile Sales Force Engagement


The thorough difference between functionality and engagement has to be sorted out in order devise right messages. Sending emails and SMS to the field sales people is part of the functionality while establishing a one-to-one communication with the sales people is part of the engagement strategy.


Using mobile as an engagement medium the organizations can actually execute the engagement strategies to the best effect. By designing the communication, both functional and engagement based, the managements can actually establish one-to-one communication with every sales person. This allows the sales persons to communicate their grievances, pain points and most importantly allows them to feel a part of the process, system and organization. Once the sense of belonging is successfully imbibed into them, it is only a matter of time before the team spirit, competitiveness and the measures to increase productivity fetch intended results.


Having continuous perks, incentive schemes, and competition amongst the sales folks and in between teams from different regions, customized dashboards for tracking personal progress and that of the region, communication portal to interact with other sales people and management while on field etc., will keep the sales people continuously engaged with the process and people. Based on the performance, the management can then segment the sales folks into different categories and then send personalized messages to each category, eventually helping and guiding them towards achieving desired benchmarks.


The organizations can thus leverage the power of MOBILE and achieve excellent results.   


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